Monday, August 20, 2012

Made 4 Math - Teacher Survival Kits

At the beginning of the summer I saw these super duper cute "teacher survival kits" on pinterest and I knew I wanted to make them as back to school gifts for my department members.

At the beginning of each school year I buy all sorts of random supplies that I need or that kids always ask for (lint rollers, hand lotion, tide to-go, etc...) so I thought I would also incorporate some of those ideas into my teacher survival kits as well.

I got pencil cases at staples for only 50 cents each and then have been picking up the stuff for inside all summer long.

Included in the kits:
  • a bag of popcorn - one of my favorite snacks
  • toothbrush, travel toothpaste and floss - I brought one to work before a dentist appointment and have actually used it fairly often
  • a pack of gum
  • lint roller - this is one of the things that the kids ask for fairly often and are usually surprised that I have one
  • a packet of energy drink mix (like the kind you mix into a bottle of water) - when they need a little pick me up
  • tissues
  • ibuprofen
  • defense halls - need that vitamin c to keep from getting sick from the kiddos!
  • hand sanitizer - again to keep away the germs
  • chapstick - am I the only one obsessed with chapstick? I found at least 6 different ones in  my desk the other day when I was cleaning it out...
  • nail file - only for the female members of the department...Is that being sexist?
  • clif bar -  not pictured, but I will be adding tomorrow after to my trip to costco
Can't wait to give them!!

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