Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quadratic Functions Foldable

I've been meaning to share this foldable for a couple weeks now, but I finally decided to do it now because I was just on Pinterest and noticed that someone had pinned a picture that I had posted of my students using it.

Quadratics are always such a difficult concept for my students. I think part of it is that they "hate graphing" before we even get started and then the fact that there are three different forms of a quadratic function helps to confuse them even more. I wanted a foldable that would be helpful in organizing all of this information.

We were working on graphing quadratics with standard form, vertex form, and intercept form (which I've also heard as factored form) before Thanksgiving. We worked on this foldable the day we came back from Thanksgiving which was a nice review, but also a nice lead in for writing quadratic functions.

Here is the closed foldable. It is meant to go in their notebooks vertically like this. Then they can pull out each section as they need it, like so...

For each form, I included how to find the axis of symmetry, the vertex, any other miscellaneous information (x- and y- intercepts) and a sketch of an arbitrary graph with the important information from that form.

And here is the file for the foldable: Quadratic Foldable

The fonts in the pictures are a little bit different because I used some fonts which wouldn't work on a computer that doesn't have those fonts downloaded. If you want fun fonts just head over to and be prepared to spend hours downloading fun fonts...or maybe that's just me?

Basically for all of my foldables the "thick" lines are for cutting, the dotted lines are for folding and the "regular" lines are just used to separate sections.

I called it a "springy" foldable when I was naming the file, but then while we were working on it in class I told them to fold the strips like an accordion and I liked that accordion quadratic foldable it is! Enjoy!!