Saturday, September 8, 2012

#myfavfriday - "Prepared" Lunches

I HATE making lunch in the morning. I also hate making it the night before. Actually I always hate making lunch, but I have to have something to eat. I also feel like there aren't very many options for lunch if you do make it the day of (or the night before). I mean what are my choices when I have 20 minutes to eat...a sandwich? a salad? BOR-ING!!

One of my favorite time (and effort) savers is to make a giant batch of something, anything, on Sunday and then just bring that everyday for lunch for the week. I absolutely love just being able to grab a "to-go" container and be on my way. I've also very recently started "prepackaging" portions for my snacks (things like grapes, carrots, etc..) so that I can just grab those too.

Two of our faaaaaaaaavorite recipes are this slow cooker chicken chili recipe and this quinoa and beans recipe. Both found courtesy of Pinterest (btw how did I ever live without Pinterest??) I also make things like baked ziti or lasagna or something, but we're trying to eat a little more healthy (and pasta everyday for lunch just isn't what my body loves).



  1. those look delicious! I'm having a hard time preparing lunches on some days... especially on days when I need to prepare both lunch AND dinner for the next day (when I won't be able to come home until 9 pm)

  2. I just made a quinoa salad tonight! I was so happy that it made enough for a few days. Also, I know that my boys won't hog the leftovers.

  3. I love crockpot meals! Now that it is getting cooler, I need to pull mine out for soups :)