Thursday, September 6, 2012

My First Foldable

This year in my classroom one of my goals is to do less work and to not talk as much. I've mentioned before how I end up exhausted at the end of the day because I'm doing so much all day long. One way I am trying to do this is to make class more interactive and hands on. So far this year I have already used groups/partners I think more than I did in all of last year! I've also implemented some whiteboarding activites and my newest adventure is into foldables.

After reading some great advice on foldables from Julie (@jreulbach) from I Speak Math and Sarah (@msrubinmath) from Everybody is a Genius I tried my hand at my very first foldable yesterday afternoon. I have to say I am pretty pleased with the outcome and I'm hoping it goes over well with my students and that it helps them to remember and understand better.

I started off with brainstorming what I wanted them to know from the foldable. The section we will be starting is on the slope of a line and should be a short review since it is an Algebra 2 class. Since there are 4 categories slope can be classified into I decided on a 4 section foldable. Also, there were 2 things I wanted them to know about each category (beyond the "name" obviously) so I made it a 4 section, trifold foldable.

On the outside I put the 4 types of slope...

On the flap underneath that one I am going to have them draw an example of a line with that kind slope.

And finallyyyyyyy the inside inside
The REALLY important part of the inside to me is how to write the equation of a line with zero or undefined slope. I feel like that is one of those things that kids almost always forget so I wanted to make it a key part of my foldable.

So I'm happy at my first foldable attempt. I feel like the more I create the easier it will be aaaaaaand my mind will just start thinking "in foldables" haha. We'll see :)


  1. Nice I made a slope foldable too! In mine I gave them sets of points so that had to find the slope and then graph the line. I also included parallel and perpendicular slopes. If you wanna check it out you can find it here its the 12th and 13th picture.

    1. Thanks!! Your foldable is so awesome! I especially love the "0 on top is 0/K" and "0 on the bottom is N/0"....soooooo stealing that :)